Water Purifier

The advantages of Aquafresh Water Purifier

Water Purification in online mode:

  • This is Right choice for purification of soft water, basically, Municipal unmixed supplying of water. Purification of 5 Stage for making sure fully Pure & Safe water.
  • Anti-bacterial 3-in-1 Silver Doser, Conditioner of flavor and Activated Carbon like RO post treatment, to increase the shelf life & flavor of water. 
  • It provides 100% Safe & Pure drinking Water for the family.
  • It purifies unpolluted water for baby milk & food.
  • There is no requirement for buying costly mineral water.
  • Also, it is comfortable to purchase 6490 with 10 stages purification.
  • It upgrades flavor of drinking waters, good flavored tea, coffee & cold drinks.

 Completely electronic functioning:  

  • It increases the water’s flavor and the life of shelf.
  • It has completely automated functions which are operated through computer.
  • It has the feature of   UV Failed light that communicates you the Ultra Violet (UV) lamp is not completely electronic Functions which allows it comfortable for using and enlarges the purifier’ life
  • Service in Reasonable Price After Sales service of Aquafresh RO purifier has completely automated water level which cut-off with Auto-start / Auto-off. 
  • Volume of Purification: It has till 15 lph†; it Purify any source of water such as underground water and borewell.

The Bracing Drinks

Characteristics and description:

  • This purifier has the quality of UV +RO+ Mineral Technology. Anti Oxidant, Wall Mounted, Antibacterial, and also Alkiane water purifier that enlarges drinking the water’s flavor.
  • Bracing soups, drinks, & sauces. Good flavored coffee, tea & cold drinks.
  • The purifier’s water produced clear ice-cubes like a Sparkling crystal
  • It can usable for cooking foods as well as.
  • This offer fully refined and shielded Water for drinking for our family.
  • Hygienic water for baby milk & food.

Technology of Reverse osmosis:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a kind of based on membrane filtration technique that supports to decrease the TDS of the water. This stage also detaches fluoride and other water.

The feature also decreases the level of firmness of water. It provides 100 % UV+ RO + TDS Minimiser Technique with magnetic softener and mineral cartridge.

Comfortable Maintenance:

  • Characteristics and description:
  • We don’t require costly mineral water to purchase.
  • Top water purifier & Wall-mount cum Counter and also Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technique.
  • Anti-bacterial 3-in-1 Silver Doser.
  • For maintaining necessary minerals in water it contains also features of Mineral Cartridge. 
  • It contains magnetic softener for reducing the Iron level of water. 
  •  Alkaline Cartridge: Alkaline Mineral Cartridge that keep the necessary minerals & PH level in the refined Water.  Ultra Violet (UV) and UV Sterilizer is used for the purification of water.

Priceless TDS trial:

  • This water purifier is unlike from others because it offers UV+ RO+ +UF+TDS controller through with it. Pollutants detached by RO technique.
  • For killing bacteria and viruses from the water the purifier used the feature of   Ultra Violet (UV) sterilizer.
  • You can contact the customer care for the Priceless TDS trial of the water.
  • With your own RO system running pure water any time in a day, you can have as much as pure water all you want, at the touch of the finger. 

Some additional Advantages of Aquafresh water purifiers are following:           

Contaminates Detachment: this use different kind of techniques contains such as Ultraviolet (UV) light, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultrafiltration (UF), for detaching dissolved impurities in water, it is like viruses, cysts, chlorine, bacteria,  heavy metals, pesticides, and dissolved salts. It can importantly upgrade the flavor of water, fragrance, and drinking water’s purity.

Health Protector: By detaching damaging impurities, Aquafresh purifiers’ supports to keep safe you and your family from waterborne illness from that improves digestion, and surely improves the health perfectly. necessary minerals (including TDS control)Maintenance: a few Aquafresh models have quality of  a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) control system that helps keeps us advantageous minerals in the purified water. It is necessary to maintain good flavored and also offering necessary nutrients in a small amount.

Finally, Aquafresh water purifiers will be a best selection to upgrade the features and flavor of the drinkable water, keeping safe the health, and decreasing your trust in bottled water. So if you’re thinking about to buy an Aquafresh purifier, keep on research and select one of the right models that connect with the special budget and requirements.

I hope this article will help to know more about it let me know if you have any queries.

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