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Aqua Grand Plus


Aqua Grand Plus

[ Price mentioned Based on OEM Rate and where the product comes with Offsite warranty and the Installation is Chargeable] You can also avail below Optional Facilities at nominal charges:
1 Product cost with Offsite Warranty (warranty applicable on SMPS, Solenoid Valve-SV, auto cut Switch, UV Adapter) Rs. 4990
2 Onsite One year Warranty with Three Free Services in a Year Rs. 1000
3 Installation of Product Rs.500
TOTAL, if add Combo all above facilities /accessories Rs. 6490
  Service Visiting Charge - in case of  Offsite Warranty: Rs. 250 Product Delivery Charge is Free of Cost.

Aquafresh Nexus Diamond balck

Aquafresh Nexus Diamond Black MRP :  Rs.12990/-       |   Special Offer Price for Delhi:  Rs. 6,490/- (Price is inclusive of a) One year Warranty,  b) one year Free Service and c) Free Standard Installation of the unit)

1000 LPH RO Plant

  1. Provides the specific profile of water required for industrial operations.
  2. Water is needed as a coolant for industrial machinery.
  3. With Industrial RO System, a special profile of water can be created for specific uses.
  4. Cleaning water needed to be of different profiles to provide the best results.
  5. For some industries, water is used as a solvent and hence needed at special hardness or softness level.

Annual Maintenance Plan – AMC 1

Annual Maintenance Plan - AMC 1 (Non Comprehensive)

Novo Delux

  1. Clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.
  2. Provide double purification by using TDS Minimizer methods with advanced RO & UV Technology.
  3. Your beverages like Tea, Coffee, etc. will taste much better.
  4. Clean and crystal clear ice cubes with 100% clean water.
  5. Removes harmful metals like lead, mercury, etc. from the water.
  6. Water so clean that it’s perfectly safe for infants.
  7. Removes Cryptosporidium which is commonly found in public water supply.
  8. Removes very harmful contaminants like lead, nitrates, and nitrites which can cause kidney stones.
  9. Maintain the sodium level in the water.
  10. Very easy to install and maintain.

Aquafresh Graphite

Aquafresh Graphite MRP :  Rs.12990/-       |   Special Offer Price for Delhi:  Rs. 6,990/- (Price is inclusive of a) One year Warranty,  b) one year Free Service and c) Free Standard Installation of the unit)

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