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Best Selling Aquafresh RO Water Purifier

Aquafresh RO Water Purifier and its best selling purifiers.

Aquafresh RO water purifier   is one of the best choices in India, as this is providing different kind of models in their “Lite Series” and “PRO Series.” For introducing you with the very suitable facts related to this. It would be useful to know that you’re exited in which type of unique Aquafresh RO water purifier, or you’re searching which features in this .Aquafresh RO Water Purifier provides big grade of water purifiers in various classes. Actually, this Ro Brand is reliable RO water purifier brand of Delhi (India) that satisfied for the accessibility of solid water over the country for urban and rural areas. For further information, this brand purpose is to avail fully clean and purified water to peoples. Ultraviolet (UV) water purifier reveals living organisms, like bacteria, viruses, or cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia) to a germicidal ultraviolet wavelength. With enough energy, UV radiation at the 254-nm wavelength disrupts the DNA in pathogenic microorganisms so they cannot reproduce.

Salient features of the Purifier System: Aquafreshro Ro in Delhi has sponsored this water purifier for the operation on modern technology that contains the fusion of the following:

  • UV(Ultra violet) and UF(ultra filtration)
  • RO(Reverse Osmosis), as highlighted from the name itself and
  • Controller of TDS

Apart from these, Aquafresh Ro Service and System or models include various stages that contain the following:

  • Connection of TDS, UV, UF and RO qualities
  • Anti scaling cartage
  • Mineral cartage, all of that managed to the procedure of  purification

Aquafresh Water Purifiers provides best featured of water and detaches 80-90% of impurities. Apart from its aesthetic points the design of the purifier is as well as good and charming.

Here is the discussion about the series of Aquafresh RO water purifier are the following:

Lite Series:

  • Aqua Grand Plus: it has Characteristics such as RO, UV, TDS control, and mineralizer for adding flavor and advantages for health. This water purifier has the following features:
  • Polypropylene: 5 micron filter cartridge for detaching physical contaminants from raw water.
  • Coconut shell active carbon inline filter cartridge, it detaches flavor, smell and color from raw water.
  • Carbon block filter:  it detaches chlorine and organic contaminants from raw water.
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane: it removes dissolved impurities from raw water.
  • Copper Filter Cartridge / Activated Carbon Filter which gives us healthy drinking water.
  • SMPS power supply 24 volt / 20 watt only.
  • Self suction original Diaphragm booster pump 100 GPD.
  • Top quality RO membrane sheet made in USA 100 GPD.
  • Advanced Led Ultra Violet tube for killing viruses and bacteria.
  • Including Aqua Revive Technology, This purifier is   100%* of water saver.
  • Aqua Nexus Camry: It provides RO, UV, UF, TDS control, and copper filter for extra growth of mineral.

The water purifier aquafresh Nexus Camry is one of the best water purifiers with reasonable price and the feature of copper filter which are used at homes and offices. It has the volume of producing 120 liters pure water in a day and as well as it contain 12 liters volume of a storage tank. This contains Double Purification through RO & UV with TDS Minimiser methods.

  • Aqua Regal RO: It offers RO, UV, and TDS control for main but purification productively.

It removes bacteria viruses, protozoa and cysts. Make sure and it delivers virus and bacteria free pure water. Immediately charges purified water with necessary micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium. It balances the flavor of water which relies on the source of water.

Pro Series:

  • Aqua Hexa: It contains qualities with RO, UF, alkaline filter, and copper filter for a comprehensive and mineral-rich solution. The Purifier In that contains RO with a modern alkaline. 12 Technology though that you may get fully pure and healthy water. 80GPD Imported RO Membrane and 100 GPD Booster Pump it provides the output of 12 to 15LPH.It services up to 2000 TDS level and offers 15000 Liters of filtration Life.
  • Aqua Ocean: Features RO, UV, UF, and mineralizer to upgrade flavor and fully water quality.

Here introducing New Generation Aqua Ultra® (An ISO Certified Reg, Trademark Co.) Ultra Smart Low Maintenance Water Purifier, which contains RO+11W UV (OSRAM, Made in Italy) with a modern alkaline, B12 Technology from that it provides 100% pure and healthy water. 80GPD Imported RO Membrane and 100GPD Booster Pump offers you the output of 12 to 15LPH, it works up to 2000TDS level and gives 15000Liters of filtration Life, There Is Manual TDS Controller through which you can adjust the TDS as per the flavor, food grade water storage tank in which there is a modern UV purification Protection LED, 24V DC SMPS Power Supply Is there and it is 100% automated operated technique. Its Service center Available in Cities, Town and Most of the Villages in India, so that observation of customers is increased.

  • Aqua Super Grand Plus: it provides RO, UV, TDS control, and pre-filter for multi-stage protection.

The Aquafresh Super Grand Plus water purifier is a Table top/ wall mount particularly made for homely motive as it is available in an electric model with a 7-14 LTR storage volume, and maximum 12-15 LTR/HR water purification volume. The RO+UV+UF model is made from food grade plastic and gives all-purpose water in a comfortable pH range. The Aquafresh Super Grand Plus water purifier price is just Rs. 8,625/-, in fact, you can get it from online or offline mode.

These are just some of best examples, and it also relies on the special requirements, other models or qualities might be extra applicable

For the supports of your choices here are extra tips to finalize this:

  • Planning of Budget: this provides purifiers from budget-friendly to premium choices.
  • Purification desired level: Do you require main filtration or just extra modern for special impurities
  • Extra qualities: if you are interested in mineralizers, alkaline filters, UV protection, etc.?
  • Worries of Water quality: first you should know which want to address will supports you to decide the best filtration technology.

 I hope this article will help to know more related to this! Let me know if you have any queries.

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