Aquafresh water purifier with TDS Meter.

Name of Brand – generic,

Specific Quality: Mechanical Power off

Equipment: Plastic

Product’s specification:

  • This Water Purifier prime uses RO+ UV for eliminating bacteria and then a UF membrane filters the dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts making the water clean.
  • This water purifier fully purées and purifies water. Therefore, as we know that your family and guests are drinking protected water.
  • This water purifier cooperates in decrease weird flavor and its odor in the water which is advantageous for us.
  • Characteristics of a Sediment Filter, it RO purifier can productively removes dirt, dust, mud, and sand through the drinking water in the commencement.
  • This purifier sterilizer the water in the tank all-time it gets filled after the water is purified. So that whether any viruses or bacteria get free the last procedures, they might be removed already from the tank.
  • This machine electrically fills the tank when the level drops and stops when full. Thus, it does not constantly use electricity.
  • This purifier produces Pure and protected drinking water for us and our family.
  • It offers two layer purification through methods of TDS Minimizer with advance Technology of RO & UV.
  • The beverages such as Tea, Coffee, etc. will flavor best.
  • Clean and crystal clear ice cubes with 100% clean water.
  • It kills harmful metals like lead and mercury, etc. from the water.
  • Water so clean that it’s perfectly safe for infants.
  • Removes Cryptosporidium which is commonly found in public water supply.
  • Removes very harmful contaminants like lead, nitrates, and nitrites which can cause kidney stones.
  • It Maintain the sodium level in the water.
  • Very easy to install and maintain.

Name of Brand: Aquafresh

Technology: Mineral charge technology

  • Benefits:
  • Use of Healthy Water.
  • Immediately produces purified water with necessary micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Purification of RO.

Aqua Hexa Water Purifier:

Name of Brand- Generic

Special Quality– RO & UV

Information of Package– Cartridge

Source of Power- Corded Electric


  • Booster Pump-– 100 GPD (COPPER)
  • Membrane– High TDS 80/100 GPD MEMBRANE (Both alternative available))
  • Colour – White
  • Fully electric operation with auto-on and auto-off functions, making sure which do not run out of pure water.
  • Pre Filter Included. (It is free)
  • Vertically mounted SMPS for the safety.
  • Internally function – 2.5 A ON 24 Volts
  • Requirement of Power – 220-230 Volts with 50HZ
  • Push-fit elements for leakage free & maintenance-free functions

Nexus Diamond Black Water purifier:

Name of Brand- Material Name-  Generic Plastic
Special Quality-Reduce TDS
Product Dimensions-41L x 22W x 50H Centimeters
Information of Package-Dispenser
Type of Installation-  Freestanding

Product Specification:

  • This purifier has Electrical & Storage: Electrical purification – suitable for areas with water shortage 12 L: More the volume, so that we will more served with drinking water.
  • RO + UV + UF + TDS + Zinc & Copper Alkaline: It works with several filters for killing salts & microbes in multiple stages.
  • This has an Anti-bacterial sheet which decreases the hardness level in water and it upgrades the durability of membrane.
  • 100% Fresh Food Grade Plastic, India’s Favorite Water purifier Brand
  • It has no requirement for purchasing costly mineral water.

Series: Aqua Grand Plus, Aqua Nexus Camry, Aqua Regal RO, Aqua Hexa, Aqua Ocean, Aqua Super Grand Plus, etc. 2. Budget: Aquafresh purifiers with TDS meters range from budget-friendly to premium options. 3. Desired features: Do you want UV, UF, mineralizer, alkaline filter, etc., in addition to the TDS meter? 4. Water quality concerns: Knowing what contaminants you want to address will help determine the best filtration technology.

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